Why Does Silver Tarnish?

Why Does Silver Tarnish?

We all love browsing and buying the sparkling silver jewelry pieces we find in shops, but when we bring them home, they start to lose that shine we adored!  Unfortunately, silver has a tendency to tarnish over time, which can be frustrating for those who own and appreciate silver pieces! So why does silver tarnish? What can be done to prevent this?

When silver comes into contact with sulfur, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the formation of silver sulfide – the main component of tarnish. Exposure to moisture and humidity can also speed up the tarnishing process, as can exposure to light and certain chemicals.

But Jewelry is meant to be worn! How can I keep my pieces shiny and wear them everyday? The most effective way to prevent tarnish is to store silver in a dry, airtight container or a specialized silver storage bag. This will help to reduce exposure to air and moisture, which are the main causes of tarnish!

Another preventative measure is to clean silver regularly. When cleaning silver, it is important to use a gentle method that will not scratch the surface of the metal. At Made in Earth, with every purchase you will receive a polishing cloth to keep your precious jewelry shiny and tarnish – free!

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