Gemstones in a Living Space

Gemstones in a Living Space

While our main focus at Made In Earth is producing handmade, natural, gemstone jewellery; we are always taken aback by how our gemstone specimens can beautifully lift and enhance a living space. With that, we are proud to showcase a range of large gemstone specimens in our Galleries for clients to use as part of their luxury home decor. 

Why Use Gemstones in Interior Design?

Those who are interested in interior design will be familiar with the idea that the three main principles to balance when it comes to decor is mood, personality, & functionality. 

Applying this to gemstone specimens is no different. While physical functionality is not as important here, the idea of presence, mood, and personality is functional in itself. 

As gemstone metaphysical properties are a popular and growing culture, it has seen the addition of gemstone displays in the home, public space, and work space. Not only is it possible to find a gemstone to suit the tonal colour of your space and radiate vibrance in a vicinity, but more often, these specimens are chosen to reinforce various positive energies and auras. Below we have given a brief on some of our favourite crystal specimens for transforming a space, including supposed metaphysical benefits, colour schemes, and ambience.


Our Recommendations 

  • Citrine Giving beautiful yellow, sun-like tonalities, Citrine is the perfect gemstone to display on a window sill or as a centrepiece for decorating. The slight opacity of the stone perfectly balances and distributes the light within your space, without overpowering the area. Subtle on the eye, this stone is also believed to manifest fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Further to that, Citrine enhances creativity and is said to heighten one's imagination; the perfect addition to an art space or within the interior ensemble of those who wish to radiate vibrancy throughout their living or work space. 

  • Black Tourmaline Despite its dark color, if ever there was a stone to radiate positive energy, it is black tourmaline. Within gemstone metaphysical culture, black tourmaline is said to relieve any living or functional space of negative energies. Black tourmaline is also said to be strong in nature, and is believed to enhance one's physical well-being, and emotional stability. Aesthetically, Black Tourmaline is a beautiful minimalist stone suited to any space curation. Its sharpness reinforces a clean and clutter-free environment, aiding one's mind in fluidity and clarity. 

  • Rose QuartzConvenient to its color, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. However, this extends beyond romance, as rose quartz is a beautiful and meaningful stone to gift friends and family. Like Black Tourmaline, it is said to dispel negative energy and encourages self-love and forgiveness. In a physical space, Rose Quartz is a warming piece, and wonderful for those looking to create a vibrant and contemporary interior. This specimen is perfect for a mantlepiece, or accompanying a furniture side table, giving off a warm and loving aura to those within its radius. Less common, it is an opulent piece on a bookshelf, bringing physical elegance to any collection. 

  • Amethyst Amethyst, one of the finer specimens here at Made In Earth, is a gemstone easily recognisable by almost everyone. However, despite its popularity, few are aware of the metaphysical properties associated with it, and how they can bring a peaceful aura to your space. Regarded as a natural relaxant, Amethyst is believed to relieve those in its presence of stress, irritability, anger, and anxiety. Amethyst is also recognised as a stone that aids sleeping, helping with insomnia. When discussing the larger amethyst specimens with clients who wish to use it in interior design, we strongly recommend it as an ‘welcome stone’ used upon entry of a space. The vibrant purple tonality of the stone, crossed with its natural, relaxing aura; amethyst is great for welcoming and positively regulating the mood for guests or visitors when entering into a space.

*Given the delicate nature of our large gemstone specimens, we do not have them listed on our site for delivery; they are currently exclusive to our Galleries and in-store purchases. If visiting us isn't feasible for you, please contact our gallery and we will see what we can do!*