At Made In Earth, we have a quality control team who works hard to ensure all of our jewelry meets our workmanship standard and is free of defects. On the rare occasion that your piece is compromised due to an inherent fault in manufacturing, we will take responsibility and repair/replace your item at no cost. 

Midas Touch Collection – 14k gold and rose gold vermeil finish

Our Midas Touch Collection is a selection of our sterling silver jewelry with a 14K Vermeil gold finish. This collection is covered by a 6-month warranty. This service is not permanent and will wear off over time. Through our own testing, we have concluded that pieces will wear minimally during this 6-month period and will only show the underlying silver when harshly scratched or etched from chemicals and beauty products. If full precautions are taken, your Midas Touch jewelry may retain its vermeil finish for 12 to 24 months.

However, our guarantee does not cover damage caused by actions of the wearer that do not reflect the manufacture or design. In these cases we cannot cover your jewelry under our manufacturers warranty. This includes:

-    General wear and tear 

-    Damage cause by accidents or mistreatment 

-    Exposure to chemicals and corrosive detergents

-    Exposure to extreme temperatures 

-    Water damage and soap build-up

-    Catching claws and settings on furniture and clothing

When we replace an item, we will do so to the closest possible match. As our pieces are one-off, we cannot guarantee that an exact replacement is possible.

Please take time to read our Care Guide for instructions on how to best take care of your Made In Earth jewelry.