December Birthstone

Tektites and Meteorites

Crafted from stones that transcend earthly origins, you can now own a piece of the universe.

Our collection features tektites like Moldavite and Libyan desert glass alongside meteorites like Gibeon, Sikhote-Alin , and Muonionalusta.

I have purchased a few items from this amazing jeweler and all have been loved by those receiving the gift. They are super helpful and knowledgeable and couldn't be nicer or more professional. Can't recommend highly enough!

Jason F.

Our Galleries

Since its inception, Made in Earth now spans across the globe with jewellery galleries in San Diego, Los Angeles, and St Kilda, Melbourne.

All pieces are shipped from our Del Mar Gallery.

Bunny Bedi

About the Designer

Made In Earth’s Founder and Head Designer, Bunny Bedi established Made In Earth in 1999. Bunny's techniques beautifully detail the intricacies of each piece. His passion and energy are evident in our gallery spaces and elegant jewelry.