We Value

Sustainability, Quality & Provenance

Founded in 1999, Made In Earth started in the urban design markets of Melbourne. Today, our flagship store, located in the culture-rich heart of St Kilda, showcases the amazing gemstones in the Made In Earth collection.
Inspired by the endless possibilities of nature, each of our one-of-a-kind pieces have their own story to tell, from their sustainable sourcing, formation, and spiritual significance. Using 925-sterling silver to handcraft the designs, we focus on the natural beauty of each individual stone.

At Made In Earth, our specialist jewellers pay particular attention to the cutting and setting of each individual gemstone, showcasing its intricacies and telling the story of each piece. Through the inspiration of these naturally occurring crystals and their soft colours and patterns, Lead Designer Bunny accentuates the gemstone as the centrepiece of each design.

Creation Process

1. Design & Stone Selection

Our Lead Designer Bunny carefully chooses & designs each element of the piece before hand-crafting by traditional techniques.

2. Hand Crafting the Jewellery

Each piece is then traditionally handcrafted and set in 925 Sterling Silver or Vermeil, by preference of the client.

3. Stone Setting

The art of stone-setting is a final process. Gems are added to the precious metals, creating the 'jewel in the crown'.

4. Quality Control

Each stunning piece is then carefully analysed under strict quality-control and finalised to enhance its shine and natural beauty.

Bunny Bedi

The Designer

Made In Earth’s Founder, Creative Director, and Head Designer, Bunny Bedi has always worked within a creative field, having worked as a chef for 10 years before establishing Made In Earth Australia in 1999.
Always striving for perfection, Bunny pays particular attention to the cutting and setting of each individual stone so that the stone's story is told in each piece. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the endless array of colours and patterns, the gemstone features as the centrepiece in each of his designs.
Bunny’s positivity, passion and drive are an inspiration to those around him and this energy is evident in the magical gallery spaces, exquisite jewellery and his knowledgeable team.