The Signigicance of Dream Catchers

The Signigicance of Dream Catchers

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This Dream catcher design is widely recognized for its distinct appearance. Originally created by the Ojibwe people of North America, this design holds a deep and spiritual meaning.

So, what is the meaning of Dream catchers? The Dream catcher is meant to catch any negative energy, filter it out, and allow only good energy to pass through. Culturally, it represents the interconnectedness of all living things.

Made in Earth’s dream catcher motifs are carefully crafted to ensure cultural and spiritual significance. You might notice the different stones that the Dream catcher carries; here's a breakdown of why Bunny used these specific stones.

Rainbow Moonstone - Used to relax the mind and keep you safe while traveling.

Amethyst - Used to clear your aura while turning negative energy into positive.

Onyx - Used to stimulate wise decision making and encourage happiness.

Black Tourmaline - Used to keep you grounded and is a powerful shield to protect from negative energy.

Laser Quartz - Used to help facilitate better communication inwardly and outwardly.

Clear Quartz - Used to align your energy with the universe's energy and to cleanse your energy and thoughts.

Wear this beautiful piece while meditating to tune into your inner self and connect with your own spirituality!

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