Gemstone Guide: Find Your Gemstone

Gemstone Guide: Find Your Gemstone

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Gemstone Guide: Find Your Gemstone

The word “crystal” comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning “coldness drawn together”. Its meaning is ambiguous similar to its physical properties. Gemstone and crystal jewelry are an extension of your personality. It’s different for everybody and has its own aura and presence. You may not realize it, but it makes a statement about your spirit! The wide variety of the physical qualities of gemstones, like cloudiness, transparency, and abilities to refract and emit light, stimulates our sensual pleasures. None of these qualities are better than the other yet restore our sensuality in personable methods. With so many different styles it can be difficult to know what represents you in the best way. Here’s a guide on how to find your gemstone: 


Use your intuition to understand how you perceive colors and materials. Close your eyes and imagine what colors bring you happiness, calmness, and other emotions you may want to feel every day. If you find yourself being drawn to a specific color, you’re one step closer. Look closely at the physical properties of the gemstone, for example how does its ability refract light make you feel? 

Next, look up the meaning of the gemstone with colors that draw you in. Do the metaphysical properties of the stone resonate with you? Are the benefits ones that you need? What is your birthstone and does its meaning hold significance to you? If you’re deciding between a few gemstones, this can be the deciding factor. You can also come into our shop on Abbot Kinney to check out our Tumbled Gemstones.              


Now look at the setting and overall design, does silver or gold sit right with you? Do you like an industrial feel to your jewelry or a grandeur one? One may match with your wardrobe more than the other. 

Most importantly, knowing what gemstones should be in your space requires an understanding of yourself. How do you feel on a daily basis, what do you want to feel? Who are you?