How to Clean Silver Jewelry Made in Earth

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

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How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Our beautiful natural gemstones are set in 925 sterling Silver, the highest grade of Silver. Silver is a soft metal and not indestructible. Like most precious metals used for jewelry, silver can scratch and bend if not treated with care.

Delicate designs need to be treated with care to ensure the silver does not bend, warp or break. Our fine wire necklace and bracelet designs are hand wrapped and not constructed like a traditional chain. This includes clasps and findings, which can stretch and open if too much weight or pressure is applied. 

To help extend the life of your Made in Earth jewelry piece, avoid contact with any form of moisture including steam from the bathroom, cleaning chemicals, beauty products, hair spray and perfumes as they can have a damaging effect on the silver and settings. Please note when some chemicals, such as bleach, damages silver the result may be permanent and irreversible.

A simple silver polishing cloth is the best way to remove tarnish build-up on silver surfaces. When jewelry is not being worn it should be kept in a safe, dry environment such as a jewelry box or pouch. 

Your silver cleaning cloth, provided with your jewelry purchase, is made from 100% cotton impregnated with cleaner agent and anti-tarnish. This cloth remains effective as long as it’s not washed.

Follow these steps and your jewelry will last a lifetime!