How to Clean and Charge Your Crystals

How to Clean and Charge Your Crystals

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend that you clean our natural gemstone jewelry pieces with water or any commercial bought products), since stones are meant to exist as they are in your journey.

To cleanse your Made in Earth pieces of negative energy - burn Palensanto and wave the stone in the smoke, allow the smoke to remove bad energy. You can also burn sage. 

However, there are multiple methods you can utilize to clean your crystals pieces.

To Clean

  • Take the crystal to sea and cleanse in sea water. Allow the water to "wash" over it and energize in the sun
  • Soak the crystal in sea salt for 7-24 hours, rinse with pure water, and energize in the sun. CAUTION: With some of the softer crystalline forms, salt or abrasive substances may mar the surface, however this will not affect the properties of the crystal
  • Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster or on another mineral that is a special energizer for 12-24 hours
  • Soak the crystals in saltwater for a duration of one to seven days. This method uses approximately three tablespoons of salt to a cup of water (the water must cover the stones) in a glass container with the water and crystals in a location which will receive sunlight. 
  • Beam white light from the area of the third-eye and surround the crystal, sweeping any negativity to a black hole which is filled with a white light; the white light in the black hole transforms the negativity to a positive light energy such that the negativity is released from existence. Concentration and intention must be maintained
  • Move a tape de-magnetizer up and down the length of the crystal, removing and dissipating the negative vibratory essence 
  • Cleanse the crystal in flowing spring, river, lake, or tap water and energize in the sun (Water is the universal cleanser and is effective in cleansing undesirable energies from all physical forms).
  • Soak the crystal in flowers (rose petals, orange blossoms, honeysuckle) for twenty four hours; the essence strips away negativity and cleanses the stone while the purity and energy of the flower is transmitted to the stone
  • Soak the crystal in brown rice for twenty-four hours; the rice balances and centers the energy, removing the negativity, while dissipating and transforming the negative to the positive. Upon completion of the "soak" the rice is purified and energized and is wonderful to eat 


 To Charge

  • Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster
  • Place the crystal in the center of the circle, where the circle is compromised of other crystals whose terminations are pointing toward the center
  • Place the crystal in sunlight and or in the light of the moon. The days related to the summer and winter solstices, the vernal equinox, the autumnal equinox, the full moon, and the new moon are more heavily charged