Rose Quartz

March 06, 2021 3 min read

All you need is love, but a little jewelry never hurt... right?!

Pink gemstones have been associated with love for thousands of years and as an aid to mend a broken heart and to help find or manifest love. When it comes to gentle soft pink hues only a few gemstones lead the gemstone race in the pursuit for pale pink perfection. With each gemstone having a list of its own eccentricities the ideal pink stone may in fact be a unicorn.

Rose Quartz is a pink variety of crystalline Quartz and can be found in very light (almost colorless) pink through to medium-dark pink and color zoning is not uncommon. Although some sources say this delicate pink color is due to trace elements of titanium, iron or manganese, it is believed that microscopic inclusions of aligned silicate mineral fibers similar to the mineral dumortierite are the cause. These coloring inclusions give this stone a cloudy translucence characteristic, so it is generally cut into cabochons. Stones with higher clarity and superior transparency are favored for faceting and can produce quite magical gems. Along with stones of fine color and clarity, Madagascar is known to produce ‘Star Rose Quartz’. Dense with fibrous inclusions aligned at 120 degrees to one another, when cut into cabochons or spheres a 6-pointed star is visible when light is reflected off the polished surface.

Forming in masses, rather than crystals like the rest of the Quartz family, large cut stones are not unusual for Rose Quartz. Abundance as well as price gives cutters an opportunity to sacrifice a lot of the rough in the pursuit of the perfect stone. Another pink variety of Quartz that can be found as well-formed crystals are sometimes referred to as ‘Pink Quartz’ although it is acceptable to refer to them as simply Rose Quartz. This variety owes its color to a different mechanism and is extremely rare. Exceptional specimens of this mineral have been found in Brazil.

Popular in the new age market for decades, recent jewelry trends have showcased pastel toned gems and rose gold settings giving Rose Quartz a new-found interest in the jewelry market as a cheaper alternative to its rarer counterparts. Although Sapphires and Diamonds offer us a pretty pink option, their cost and availability crush the dreams and budgets of most. Kunzite (Spodumene) and Morganite (Beryl) have been the long-standing mainstream pink favorites amongst jewelers and gemstone enthusiasts, as they both offer unique shades of pink as well as larger carat sizes and exquisite cuts. These stones are still not without flaws of their own, Kunzite is famous for fading over time and being quite fragile, and Morganite can also teeter on the edge of peachy-orange or be pale in larger sized stones. That’s not to say that Kunzite and Morganite jewelry isn’t special in its own right, we have absolutely stunning pieces in our collections in our galleries. Rose Quartz, however, offers a fabulous alternative as it is highly abundant, affordable, and the perfect shade of pink despite its lack of complete transparency and low dispersion.

India was a long-standing source of Rose Quartz for Made in Earth, but with a rising demand for faceted stones of a higher clarity Bunny Bedi, owner and designer at Made in Earth, has shifted his supplies to other sources. “Once upon a time a simple Rose Quartz cab was one of our most popular stones. Now, with the shift in jewelry trends, we’re finding our customers are after ‘gem quality’ faceted Rose Quartz for cocktail rings and pendants. We’ve since moved most of our supply to Madagascar where we can source brighter colors, excellent clarity and unique star stones in the mix too.”

“I’m not surprised these higher-grade stones are so popular, the price is very competitive, the supply meets our demand and they look pretty amazing! Along with faceted stones, we can never have enough carved hearts. Being the stone of love, this shape seems fitting and is always popular.” 

Perfection can come in many forms, but with gemstones there are key factors that contribute to the final decision. In retail, price is always an important factor to consumers and our Rose Quartz jewelry collection offers a great alternative to those simply wanting ‘the look’ but still conscious of wearing a natural gemstone in their rings, pendants and earrings. Rose Quartz may not be perfect, but it comes pretty close and adding a little love in your life is a sweet bonus.


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