Fossilised Jewelry: Wearing a Piece of the Past

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Fossilised Jewelry: Wearing a Piece of the Past

Jewelry has the ability to capture a special moment in time, which is generally associated with when you bought it, or when it was gifted to you. A pendant for your 18th birthday for instance, will keep its strong associations with this time period of your life.

This is the same case for fossilized jewelry, except it has a double effect of capturing a moment in time, one now and one millions of years ago. Fossilized jewelry is a great addition to an outfit if you are interested in having meaning behind your jewelry pieces and owning unique, irreplaceable jewelry. Additionally, if you are not interested in the traditional ‘bling’ that jewelry brings but enjoy accessorizing, fossilized pieces could be the alternative you have been seeking. 

Each kind of fossilized jewelry has its unique charm. Every fossil represents a moment in history, often dating back millions of years. Wearing such jewelry can evoke a sense of wonder and fascination with the Earth's distant past, serving as a tangible link to the planet's geological evolution.

Fossils of Predators: Shark Teeth and Dinosaur Bones

One edgy way to incorporate a fossil into your jewelry is through a fossilized shark tooth. Wearing the tooth of one of these extinct predators will not only look interesting and eye-catching, it will give a natural look to your jewelry. Sharks are often seen as symbols of strength, resilience and determination. Wearing a shark tooth can serve as a personal talisman embodying these qualities. Fossilized shark teeth have a unique and rugged appearance that stands out compared to traditional gemstones.

If considering other fossils of predatory animals, Dinosaur bone fossil is an interesting one to weave into your jewelry looks. Dinosaur bone fossils often have intricate and surprisingly stunning natural patterns and colourings, which look incredible on pendants or other jewelry pieces. Being able to wear a piece of a creature long extinct, which seems like complete fantasy to us now, is not something many people can say and will ensure you have a truly one of a kind piece. 

Fossils of Marine Animals: Ammonite, Ammolite and Trilobite

An Ammonite is a truly special fossil to incorporate into your jewelry look. Characterized by its coiled shell, this is an extinct type of Cephalopod, which is a marine animal, with squid and octopi coming under the same category. These creatures were living over 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period and were one of the first biological creatures on Earth. They were believed to have gone extinct at the end of this period, which was the same time at which dinosaurs went extinct, giving context to their age within history. Although these creatures existed long ago in the past, their fossils mean they can be remembered forever; how amazing is it that they can be worn in jewelry? 

Ammonites have a natural appearance, with an intricate shell, making them an attractive addition to your accessorizing. Due to their spiral shape and the evolutionary history they represent, Ammonites are often seen as symbols of transformation and personal growth. They are believed to help individuals navigate life changes and transitions, encouraging adaptability and resilience. Since Ammonites are ancient fossils rooted in the Earth’s history, this means they have witnessed millions of years before our existence as humans, making them repositories of ancient wisdom and knowledge. They are also symbols of grounding and stability. Whether in the form of a necklace, a ring or earrings, Ammonite jewelry will provide a fascinating talking point. 

Ammolite is an alternative to Ammonite, with an added burst of color. Ammolite is an extremely rare gemstone, formed from the fossilized shells of Ammonites. The presence of Ammolite occurs during a fossil process, which is what forms its stunning iridescent appearance. Over millions of years, the mineralisation of these shells has preserved their unique structure and vibrant colors. The Aragonite crystals diffracting light within the shell is what creates this incredible iridescence, displaying all colors of the rainbow. Metaphysically, Ammolite is associated with personal transformation and development. It is believed to help individuals navigate changes and achieve their highest potential.  

Trilobites are scientifically significant creatures, which make interesting centerpieces in jewelry. These are extinct marine arthropods, a group which many insects and spiders fit into. These were one of the first living animals to roam the Earth, providing insight into the development of complex eyes and body segmentation. Trilobite jewelry is a unique way of appreciating and connecting with the Earth’s prehistoric past. Whether worn for its beauty, historical significance or symbolic meanings, Trilobite jewelry offers a distinctive and meaningful adornment for those interested in natural history and unique fashion statements. 

Fossils of Nature: Amber

Amber, a more well-known gemstone, can also fit into the category of fossilized jewelry. Amber is fossilized tree resin and much of our Amber is millions of years old. This stunning gemstone varies in color from a pale orange-yellow to deep orange-brown and often has natural inclusions, such as insects. This is truly an amazing sight and a moment captured and frozen in time. The formation of Amber occurs when the resin exuded from the tree gets buried under layers of sediment over time. This then undergoes a chemical process called polymerisation underground, which hardens and stabilizes the organic compound under the pressure and heat from the sediment layers. Finally, fossilization occurs; over millions of years, the resin turns into Amber. Amber is a much loved gemstone because of its connection to our natural world, as well as its beautiful pop of color which looks great set in silver jewelry. Amber is known for its powerful healing and cleansing properties. It is believed to draw out negative energy from the body and mind, promoting physical and emotional healing.