Rainbow Moonstone and Blue Topaz Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone is a lovely white gemstone with a shine of a stunning rainbow of blue tones that are loved from every angle. This versatile stone can go with any outfit and any stone for any occasion. This gem, often known as the traveler's stone, is the stone of fresh beginnings. Rainbow moonstone aids in the manifestation of rainbows in one's life. The white light of healing is drawn in, and the multi-colors stimulate each of the chakras. It promotes movement and energy interactions as one's "grand plan" unfolds.

This sparkling stone is sure to catch everyone's attention with its vivid and vibrant color.  Blue Topaz radiates creativity, individuality, and confidence. Blue Topaz is known to be the stone for "true love and success".  These gemstones together make a beautiful bracelet, perfect for any occasion. 

Location: Brazil & India
Measures Approximately: Stone Size 9 x 6 mm | Total Length: 20cm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver
Please note:  All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Del Mar Gallery.