Peridot and Malachite Drop Earrings

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These Peridot and Malachite earrings feature vivid grassy green Peridot crystals with a fiery sparkle, paired with Malachite a velvety green gem with banded patterns and a vitreous luster.

Peridot emits warm and friendly energy. It was referred to as the “gem of the sun” by ancient Egyptians. They too felt the warm glow of the sun’s energy through its green glimmer. Wear Peridot for a protection shield. It is also a healing stone and helps one strengthen and regenerate the body and mind.

Malachite is known as the “stone of transformation”, allow this gemstone to assist you in changing situations, help you release any negative experiences, and to continue on your journey of change, leading you to your desired goals. 

Stone Origin: Pakistan, Zaire
Please Note: All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Del Mar Gallery
Measures Approximately: Peridot; 5 x 5 mm  Malachite; 10 x 20 mm
Materials: Handcrafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver