Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite Drop Earrings

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Moldavite is paired with Herkimer Diamond in this stunning textured earring..

Moldavite is a beautiful green natural glass that was formed over 15 million years ago during the impact of a meteorite, with superficial tertiary sediments, hitting earth in Czechoslovakia. It is the only known gemstone of extra-terrestrial origin and holds immense potential for inter-dimensional access of galactic energies. It brings its wearer thought patterns and light-vibrations optimal to ones ascension and illumination. One will “see” more clearly and “see” with expansion of vision.

Herkimer Diamonds are a “stone of attunement” and can be used to attune oneself with another person, environment or activity. It is known as a stone of new beginnings. The energy of this sparkling beauty will enhance your awareness and spontaneity whilst providing you with a feeling of harmony, allowing you eliminate any unconscious fears and expand your energy of life.

Stone Origin: New York, USA, Czech Republic
Please Note: All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Del Mar Gallery
Measures Approximately: Herkimer Diamond 5 x 10 mm ; Moldavite 18 x 35 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver