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Dreamcatcher Necklace

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This dreamcatcher necklace creates a 925 sterling silver web of destiny, creation, and the cycles of life. The outer frame symbolizes Mother Earth and all that sustains us. The center where icy-blue Rainbow Moonstone sits is the heart, through which dreams and inspiration enter and are filtered through the web and manifested through the feathers.

Rainbow Moonstone - A dreamy white gem, with a captivating gradient of beautiful blue tones, Rainbow Moonstone is adored from every angle. This necklace's staple gemstone will compliment any look, with any stone for any occasion. Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and is also known as the traveler’s stone. Rainbow moonstone assists in carrying rainbows into one's life. It brings the white light of healing and the multi-colors activate each of the corresponding chakras. It brings movement and energetic relationships in the unfolding of one person's “great plan”.

Black Tourmaline - Black is the new black! From the fine and delicate through to the bold and boastful the raw textures and natural crystals of Black Tourmaline create the perfect silhouette on this dreamcatcher necklace. Wear black tourmaline all day, every day. Wear it with anything and everything. Keep this stone close to keep you grounded and protected. The beauty will not only repel and protect against negativity but it protects one from the negative energy of another, all whilst increasing physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual brilliance. This baby does it all!

Clear Quartz - 
Defined sharp edges of natural Clear Quartz crystals are versatile for your everyday style and transcend to evening glam. This gemstone is a wonderful cleansing stone that will amplify one's energy and thoughts, providing clarity in thinking. Known as a “stone of power” and said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul. Wearing this crystal clear beauty on your dreamcatcher necklace will harmonize and align one's energies – thoughts, consciousness, emotions – with the energies of the universe. When used for meditation, clear quartz is useful in relaxing the mind, easing it into a rejuvenating state.

Our handcrafted dreamcatcher pendants can be paired with any one of our sterling silver chains or worn with leather for a more understated look.

Stone Origin: India, Brazil
Measures Approximately: 10 x 10 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver and Italian Adjustable Fine Belcher Chain
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