Triangulo: Sapphire & Diamond Necklace


I represent truth, resilience and being strong because our foundations are strong. I will help your inner light to align with your higher self.

Sapphire : “Nothing Succeeds Like Success”
Have you been feeling that success has been evading you? That you are
putting your one hundred percent, but you are left feeling short-changed, by
the results. Don’t despair. I am your harbinger of good fortune, the bearer of good tidings. With me by your side, all the hard work you put will bear fruit. I also bring calm and peace of mind to the wearer. With a peaceful frame of mind, you can focus better and make better decisions.  I also help you know your constraints and to work better within them. That way you don’t fritter away your energies in idle worry and anxiety and deploy your efforts much better.  Can success be far away?

Diamond : Legends are Forever
What can I say? Where it is darkest, the toughest and the brightest emerge. Why should you complain and beg for things to get better? With me,
you will come through in all extraordinary beauty, grit and grace, that are born in adversity.  You will sparkle and shine, casting your inner light on all those around. People won’t help but find you irresistible because you are now a force of nature, refined in the crucible of life. You will attract only that which is best for you.

Stone Origin: India
Measures Approximately:  Stone Size: 3 x 3 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver and adjustable Italian Fine Curb chain
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