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Cercle: Emerald & Diamond Ring

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    I represent wholeness, completion, and realistic perfection. I will help you with new beginnings with infinite possibilities for you to achieve because we have it within us.

    Emerald: “The True Love Story”
    When we fall in love, all our discernment, seems to disappear, doesn’t it?
    Who is able to say that she or he did not lose their center, when in love?
    I will attract the right partner, gracefully putting aside from your path all the
    choices driven by your baser instincts. This Emerald ring will quieten the emotional “noise” that
    is typical when you meet someone attractive, and allow you to rise above the immediate sensations and feelings to discern suitability from the perspective of a future together. You will remain centered in yourself, keep your balance, and thus tend to your needs as well as your beloveds.  The choices you make from this space will ensure a happy future together.

    Diamond: Legends are Forever
    What can I say? Where it is darkest, the toughest, and the brightest emerge. Why should you complain and beg for things to get better? With this Diamond ring,
    you will come through in all the extraordinary beauty, grit, and grace, that are born in adversity.  You will sparkle and shine, casting your inner light on all those around you. People won’t help but find you irresistible because you are now a force of nature, refined in the crucible of life. You will attract only that which is best for you.

    Stone Origin: India
    Measures Approximately:  Stone Size: 3 x 3 mm
    Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver
    Current Size: 6.75
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