Gembone Fossil

Gembone Fossil

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Fossils are preserved remnants of the past, giving us a glimpse of what used to live before us. 

Found in Wyoming and the Colorado Plateau in the USA, gem bone is considered a geological miracle of nature because of the astronomically slim odds of a dinosaur bone not only becoming a fossil, but also doing so in such perfect conditions with gem quality minerals present.

Like any colourful, patterned gemstone, Gem bone is a great stone to set into jewellery; with a hardness of 6 – 7 it’s durable enough to wear as a ring or pendant. Bunny Bedi, owner and designer at Made in Earth discusses our Jurassic jewels.

Jewelry is not just about objects of beauty and desire but also about the stories they tell, the significance of particular stones and of course the history. Gem bone has it all.

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