Forming in some of the most wild and extraordinary crystal specimens of brightly colored in both green, blue and banded purple/green, lustrous geometric crystals. Fluorite mostly expresses itself as cubes; either singular, clusters or interpenetrate twins. A noteworthy mineral with a split personality, with so many beneficial qualities here at Made in Earth we love assisting our clients to find the perfect piece of Fluorite, whether it be a ring, earrings, or a pendant to adorn themselves in for many years to come.

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Curiously, the emergence of the phenomenon ‘fluorescence’ was resultant of Fluorite’s unmatched vibrance and peculiar ability to glow under ultraviolet light. Its distinct radiance is due to the inclusion of various other minerals within its crystalline structure, producing a wide spectrum of colors from cool blues to vivid yellows. It is highly regarded as a stone of aptitude and concentration, heightening one’s existing abilities and simply amplifying them.

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