Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, & Morganite Necklace

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Joyous, yet elegant pink tourmaline is a gem that can be worn day or night. Wear this Pink Tourmaline necklace to bring a beautiful loving energy that invites happiness and peace to its wearer. Allow this loving beauty to guide you through changes of love and growth bringing you toward enlightenment.

Green Tourmaline is a beautifully unique, stunning green gemstone with amazing positive energy that will radiate from its wearer. The softness and clarity of the green yet elegance of the stone will add a touch of subtle glam to any ensemble. This beauty can transform negative energy into positive. It inspires creativity and attracts success, prosperity, and abundance. It teaches one a way of “Seeing with the heart”. It has a compassionate vibration, especially encouraging compassion towards oneself. It is also known to hold the essence of the plant kingdom, transferring energy to heal plants. Perfect if you have a green thumb.

The soft pastel hues of Morganite easily blends with the tourmaline colors in this necklace, making it the perfect crystal necklace. Wearing Morganite can activate, cleanse, and stimulate your heart chakra, bringing love into your life and helping to maintain it as it continues to grow. Morganite crystals energize loving thoughts and actions, bringing you patience and a reverence for life.

A rare occurrence, particularly in large stone sizes, this gem-quality piece is one for a collector of fine gemstones and extraordinary jewels.

Stone Origin: Brazil
Measures Approximately: 46.5 x 33 mm; 28 ct
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver
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