Moldavite Ring

One of the most unique forms of Tektite, Moldavite is unique to the Czech Republic. Formed over 15 million years ago this is the only gem quality stone of extraterrestrial origin. This green stone holds immense potential for direct inter-dimensional accessing of the higher dimensional galactic energies. It is also believed to facilitate strong, clear and direct inter-dimensional interconnectedness between your consciousness and higher planes of light!

Moldavite stimulates cooperation between those of extraterrestrial origins and those who are experiencing life on Earth. Wearing this gem will also provide the image of eternity and vision, as well as the energy to translate this image into reality.

Location: Moldova, Czech Republic
Measures Approximately: 12 x 21 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver
Current Size: 7
Please Note:  To resize your purchase, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

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