Garnet and Peridot Ring

A deep rich red with a lustrous polish, Garnet is known as the stone of health and commitment. Wear this stone to adjust the flow of energy to balance the energy field that surrounds your body. 

Paired with Peridot, a vivid grassy green stone with a fiery sparkle, this polished gemstone is small but mighty. Wear Peridot to add a touch of luxury to your look. This gemstone can help give you strength and aid in regeneration!

Location: Brazil and India
Measures Approximately: Garnet 5 x 7 mm; Peridot 2 x 2mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver
Current Size: Garnet 6.5; Peridot 2.75
Please note: To purchase this ring in another size, please contact the gallery.

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