Herkimer Diamond in Matrix Pendant

Herkimer Diamond gets its name from Herkimer county New York, where it was first discovered. Found in a dolostone matrix, has been dated back to the Pre-Cambrian times of over 500 million years ago. The beginning of this stone started at the bottom of a shallow sea and were buried under centuries of sediment. When temperatures rose, it caused the silica and other organic materials to dissolve and slowly cool which resulted in the crystallization of the Herkimer Diamond.  Herkimer Diamonds are a part of the Quartz family and can be characterized by their natural ability to form with 6 prisms, smooth flat faces and two terminations. This piece is rare and special due to the fact the Herkimer Diamond is still in its dolostone matrix, which is particularly hard to create jewelry around. This piece showcases the true natural beauty of the Herkimer Diamond in its raw form.

Herkimer Diamonds are also known as "the stone of attunement and new beginnings". This gemstone will also aid tension release and energy alignment.


Location: New York U,S,A
Measures Approximately: 32 x 42 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver
Suggested Chain: Belcher Oval
Please Note: Price is for pendant only

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