January Birthstones - Garnet

 The stone for health and mental clarity!


The Garnet group of minerals has so many beautifully colored gemstones on offer; from the maple orange of hessonite garnet to the intense green of uvarovite as well as what we are all familiar with - the deep crimson almandine garnet. Known as the stone for health and mental clarity, garnet is said to also ground the wearer and provide protection.

The pop of green uvarovite stands out amongst the sea of warm toned gemstones. This garnet variety forms in small scatterings of crystals in the form of a druze layering a host rock. Chromium is responsible for its green colour as it also is for emerald. A rare mineral found in Russia, these pieces glitter in the sun as light reflects off each tiny crystal's surface.

Famously red, almandine garnet has a rich history of admiration throughout the centuries. Adorning the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs, the stones were also entombed  with their mummified corpses as prized possessions for the afterlife. 

January babies rejoice, you have a bold and magical gem to satisfy your sparkle cravings with this month!


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