Rose Quartz: Love Me Tender!

Unfortunately, we live in an era that encourages us to work hard and play hard. Hardness has its place, but if you wish to make progress in your relationships, gentleness works wonders. I help you soften up those harsh and jagged boundaries that you have set up. I help you take a kind view of yourself and others. I bring calm and grounded-ness and gentleness to your relationships. Count your blessings, appreciate what you have, be gentle and kind to yourself and to others. Healing those wounds takes time, patience and gentleness. Don’t try and hurry love. Take your time!

This piece is part of The Halo Collection which is the brand’s first-ever collaboration with the powerful creativity of Nick Onken and Made In Earth’s creative director, Bunny Bedi. The concept of a halo as an invisible energy that floats above us to protect and guide us like a guardian angel is what inspired the gemstone choice for this collection.

Location: Madagascar
Stone Measures Approximately:  11 x 24mm, 18-inch chain included.
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver
Please Note Each stone is unique and will have slight variations in appearance to the piece photographed. The chain is included with the pendant. 

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