Onyx and Agate Geode Drop Earrings

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These Onyx and Agate Geode earrings have black Onyx studs with detachable Agate Geodes and are perfect stones to dress up or down.

Onyx is known to enhance self-control, stimulate wise decision-making, and encourage happiness and good fortune. Wear Onyx stone to help you become the master of your own future.

Each of our Agate Geodes are exciting, eye-catching pieces to be discovered! The small sparkly stones are like miniature crystal caves. Wear to balance your yin-yang energies, Agate Geodes help transform and eliminate negativity, ensuring nothing will dull your sparkle whilst wearing this beauty. 

Stone Origin: India, Vermont, USA
Please Note: All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Del Mar Gallery
Measures Approximately: Full Length: 54 mm, 6 x 8mm (Stud), 15 x 48 (Drop)
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver