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Also known as the “Fairy Cross”, staurolite is famous for its brown to black, opaque cross-shaped crystals. Its name is derived from the Greek word stauros, meaning cross, it is the official state mineral of Georgia U.S.A and can be found in various locations throughout North America, Switzerland, France, Brazil and Russia. Made In Earth promotes this gemstone as a useful tool for curbing addictions, although this cross-shaped beauty is certainly not helpful for our addiction to crystal jewelry or gemology.

A silicate mineral, with a complex chemical formula, staurolite combines the elements of iron, aluminum and magnesium to form a gemstone with a hardness of 7 – 7.5 belonging to the monoclinic crystal system. Its hardness makes it a suitable mineral for jewelry although the bright, glittery, mica schist matrix that it sits in is far softer and delicate. Staurolite can be found in association with almandine garnet and graphite.

Forming through the process of regional metamorphism, staurolite crystals can be identified by their twinned, cross-shaped nature. Twinning refers to when two or more crystals have grown together with a direct relationship between their crystallographic axis. In the case of staurolite, they are inter-penetrant twins and can form at either 60 degrees or 90 degrees’ rotations to one another. Crystals found a perfect 90 degrees are rare and even more so are those that exhibit both, creating a 3-rayed star with 6 points.

Legend states that it was once believed that the crystals were formed from the tears of fairies. When the fairies heard about the death of Christ their tears fell down to earth and created the cross shaped crystals. Staurolite is also considered to be a good luck charm, protect children from evil spirits, stabilize emotions and aid in the expulsion of addictive behavior.

Quickly, becoming recognized for its memorable form, Made In Earth’s owner and designer Bunny Bedi has re-launched this gem in a big way. “We’re going all out this year and this means BIG CRYSTALS! It was definitely one of our lesser known stones, but we’re finding that protection is what people are turning to crystals for and staurolite is what they’re asking for.

The healing properties of this stone are what make it popular although with these crystals in their bright glittery matrix, they’re catching people’s eyes as pendant and rings as well.”

Whether or not you’re drawn in by the legend of this gemstone or marveled by its gemological characteristics it will always be adorned for its uniqueness and leave you simply amazed by the simple fact that it’s a product of nature, and that’s exactly what excites us here at Made In Earth. Our Staurolite crystal jewelry collection showcases truly amazing pendants and rings in this natural beauty.


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